Step 1

Surf the Net and answer the following questions:

  1. Who were the Beatles?
  2. You have to summarize the life of one of them (Five lines)
  3. How many were they?
  4. How did they form their band?
  5. When did they split up?
  6. Did the Beatles have their songs written for them?
  7. How many songs did they record? And how many albums did they record?
  8. How many films did they make?
  9. Tell about John lennon's death.

Step 2

Find images of each member of the band

Step 3

What Instruments Did the Beatles Use?

Never has a band had the kind of influence over culture, music and musicians the way the Beatles did. From the way they sounded to the way they looked and the clothes they wore, they were copied by bands for decades after their peak. If they used an instrument or an amp, the sales for that type and brand would go up dramatically.


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Step 4

Practice Your English Language Skills

Download and print this file. Listen to the text. Complete the tasks and bring the papers to your teacher.

Microsoft Word документ 104.5 KB

Step 5

Listen to the song and follow the words

The Beatles – Blackbird

Microsoft Word документ 28.5 KB

Step 6

Then make a Powerpoint or a Prezi reflecting your ideas.

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